Advanced Perpetual Exchange (APEX) is built upon the Perpetual Protocol (PP). It leverages the decentralised perpetual futures trading protocol built by the PP team and adds additional functionality, such as the ability to create limit orders and other advanced order types.

The aim of APEX was to create a decentralised and trustless system that is fully non-custodial. While other AMM based derivative DEXs rely on a trusted set up to execute limit orders, our smart contracts ensure the timely execution of orders through a permissionless network of keeper-bots.

This means that at no point does APEX-PP have access to your funds, nor does it depend on trusted third parties. Read our Peckshield audit report here.


Trading can result in financial loss, although with APEX-PP you are assured of never losing more than your initial investment. Keep two principles in mind at all times:

  • Never invest more than you can afford to lose

  • Always do your own research to understand the tokens, wallets and other tools you are using

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