What fees you will encounter using APEX

You do not have to pay Apex Win any fees to use the platform.

However, users will encounter the following fees using the platform.

  1. xDai Transaction fees

  2. Perpetual Protocol Fees

  3. Keeper Bot Fees

xDai transaction fees (gas) are the fees the user spends to interact with on the xDAI blockchain. These are usually less than a cent and are set using your wallet.

Perpetual Protocol fees is what you pay to open or close a position on the Perpetual Protocol. They are currently 0.1% of the notional value of your position.

Keeper Bot fees for advanced order types you have to pay a keeper bot fee. You can alter the keeper bot fee using the cogwheel on the order type. Keep in mind, bots will prioritise orders that pay higher fees. During market volatility / network congestion, keeper bots will need to use more gas to execute orders. If the botFee is lower than the xDai gas fee, they might ignore your order. We would therefore recommend you increase the botFee if you want your order to be executed even in volatile conditions.

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